Thursday, August 7, 2008

Family Update


It is time to write you a note about your family. I received emails asking about your family. SO... I am going to start by giving you an update on the “cousins”. You know – the ones your grew up with, clowning all the time, and the best family pictures which I cannot show here.

Let’s start with your cousin BILL BALLARD. Bill is movie producer.

Billygoat Productions (BGP) was founded in 1993 by Bill. BGP is an award-winning independent production company known for high-quality surf films such as Insanity, Triple C, Side B, The Moment, The O'Neill Experience, H.I.C.'s Rise & Shine, BLUE CRUSH, These Are Better Days, Peaches, Revelation, Iratika, Poetic Silence, Because, The Modus Mix, and THE MYSTIC.

Billygoat films capture over 25% of all surf videos sold worldwide and have been nominated for over 24 awards since 1996 and have received 5 viewer awards.

We met with Bill and his wife and daughter recently when they were in San Luis Obispo promoting their Surfing Documentary – ARCHY. When Matt Archbold (Archy) started surfing back in 1979 at age 11 the world had no idea that it was about to witness one of the most explosive surfers to ever set foot on a surfboard. With a career spanning nearly 3 decades, Archy is considered to be the most successful free surfer of all time and one of the originators of high performance surfing.

To the friends of Rich who are reading this letter, take a look at the ARCHY site – the DVD of this movie is a perfect Birthday or Christmas gift for that person who is into surfing.

Rich – that is all for now. Another Cousin update in a couple weeks.

We all miss you.


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