Monday, November 30, 2009

San Luis Obispo High School dedication for Officer Richard May

On Saturday, November 28, four plaques were dedicated at San Luis Obispo High School. The plaques mark the newly constructed entryway into the high school. The project was funded by the SLOHS Class of 2009, The Mike O’Reilly Foundation, the Class of 1985 (Rich May’s class), and the SLOHS Class of 1959.

This is the plaque provided by Rich May’s 1985 class to mark the lighting structure which will shine into the large eucalyptus tree, and on the paver entry way below. The statement on the plaque – “Find one young person who needs help. Spend your time with that youth. Help that person become a good and productive adult. And do it with a smile.” This statement resounded from Officer May’s services at the San Jose HP Pavilion. This is a true depiction of how Rich spent his life after becoming a police officer.

The second photo is of Deanna May, Rich's daughter, a senior at Menlo-Atherton High School, and Alden Bagnall, from the SLOHS Class of 1985. The Rich May plaque is visible in the lower portion of the picture. The new wall and lighting structure is behind them.

Below - Mike O’Reilly volunteered at SLOHS following his retirement from the Fresno State Police Department. Mike was proud of his relationship with the students. Mike passed away three years ago. Picture below is Mike’s wife, Mary Lou, his son Tim.

The two following pictures are for the San Luis Obispo High School Class of 2009. This class is responsible for the launch of this project and raised most of the funds to rebuild the entryway into the high school. Below is Erin May, president of the Class of 2009. The second picture includes Nancy Hite, class advisor, students Caitlin Elam, Evan Carr, Erin May, and SLOHS Principal Will Jones.

Below – Erin May is pictured with Gary Kastning, San Luis Obispo Class 1959. The Class of 1959 made a large donation by providing the pavers across the new entryway. All work was donated by the Charlie Main Company

Pictured at the new school entrance is Lynn May and school Principal Will Jones.