Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year's Resolution

It is time review those pesky New Year’s resolutions. You know which ones - lose weight, exercise more, eat better, drink less, etc. How long did you stick to these commitments last year? Not very long.

Let's start this New Year is off better than we did a year ago. It’s easy - volunteer to help others! It is time to look at a resolution that is easy to keep and actually helps you and your neighbors. Step forward and provide assistance for a disadvantaged young person in our community. This does not necessarily mean that you bring a homeless child into your home. What I am suggesting is that you simply find a local non-profit organization that provides assistance to youth in need, and give them a little personal help.

As you read this note on New Year’s resolutions, you are probably sitting at home or at work. You may have challenges of your own. However, it takes very little effort – and no money - to help set up tables and serve refreshments at a youth event. It takes very little effort to assist with schoolwork – 3 out of 10 kids will not graduate from high school. It takes very little effort to be involved with a young person during an evening each week – juvenile crime is up between 3 PM and 7 PM. It takes very little time to coordinate that desire of yours to lose weight when you can do this with a young person – 3 out of 10 kids are OBESE and need a mentoring adult to help them into better health.

It is easy to start. Call a local youth mentoring agency. The best in the Bay Area is Friends for Youth, located in Redwood City (650-368-4444). Or, call United Way to learn about agencies that support youth.

Easy to start? – YES. Call now and make a commitment. Give a little time once a month. Give a little time each week. And, if you can afford to, donate to a non-profit such as Friends for Youth ( Make the call now, before you get busy with other more important issues. Commit to a resolution that will stay with you this year and next.